Michaud Gallery Exhibit

January 10-March 28, 2017

Snowflakes Bentley


Wilson A. Bentley




bentley1st       From the earliest memories of our childhood, many of us can remember hearing the    phrase "no two snowflakes are alike". This discovery was made in the small rural  town of  Jericho, Vermont by Wilson A.  Bentley (1865-1931).
  A self educated farmer, Bentley attracted world attention with his pioneering work in the  area of photomicrography, most notably his extensive work with snow crystals  (commonly known as snowflakes).

  By adapting a microscope to a bellows camera, and years of trial and error, he became  the first person to  photograph a single snow crystal in 1885.
  He would go on to capture more than 5000 snowflakes during his lifetime, not finding  any two alike. His snow  crystal photomicrographs were acquired by colleges and  universities throughout the world and he published  many articles for magazines and  journals including, Scientific American and National Geographic.
  In 1931 his book "Snow Crystals", containing more than 2400 snow crystal images, was  published by  McGraw-Hill but has long been out of print. A soft cover copy, identical in all  respects, can be obtained today  from Dover Publications, Inc.. On December 23, 1931,  Bentley died at the family farmhouse in Jericho.  Because of his wonderful work with  snow crystals, he became affectionately known as "Snowflake" Bentley.


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