The Shape I Take


Deidre Braley

April 5, 2024

6 to 7:30 PM

Deidre Braley


Join us for a reading of poetry by Deidre Braley, Maine poet. Here is more about Deirdre:

Deidre Braley is a freelance writer and editor. A graduate of Presque Isle High School, she now lives in southern Maine with her husband and three children. Her debut poetry collection, The Shape I Take, was released in December 2023 by Bottlecap Press. She is the author and host behind The Second Cup, a weekly column and podcast that focuses on making peace with being human. Her award-winning poetry has been featured in The Way Back To Ourselves literary journal and Maine Women Magazine, and her essays have appeared in The Village Magazine, Aletheia Today, The Joyful Life, and The Truly Co., where she serves as the Editorial Content Director. Deidre is a strong believer in the power of poetry, picking roadside flowers, and skipping small talk. Connect with her on her website,