What are your opening hours?

9am to 7pm, Monday through Thursday; Friday, 9am to 5:30pm; Saturday, 9am to 2pm
Library observes all major holidays which include: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving (and the day after), and Christmas Day. The library is also closed for City Holidays (which vary).

Do you have public-access computers to use at the Library?

There are 21 public-access computers available for 60 minutes at a time and no library card required. Functionality of the computers is wide, depending upon what you need, but users can browse the internet, create documents, and print, among other activities.

Are Notary services available?

Notary services are currently available.

May I apply for a US Passport at your Library?

We are an approved Department of State Passport Acceptance Facility with an agent is available to assist you. It is best to call ahead and make an appointment, however, walk-ins are accepted as well.

May you bring your own computer to use and sign in?

Our wireless internet service is freely available for you to connect with your own devices.

What is the address of the Library?

We are located at 39 Second Street, Presque Isle, Maine 04769

May I book conference rooms at your library?

Conference rooms are available for small or large groups. Our largest room has a standing capacity of 82 persons, contains a kitchenette, tables, chairs, and a screen. You will need to bring your own audio/visual equipment. Conference Room Request Forms are available by request or on our website.

Have you a public telephone for use?

Our public telephone is located near the stairwell on the Main floor with the ability to make local calls.

Are there DVD movies that circulate?

On the Mezzanine floor, we have a large selection of movies and music that circulate.

Is there teen lounge and study area in the Library?

Young adults, preteens, and teens are welcome and have their own space on the Main floor. Included in that space is a meeting room for teens that need to complete group work or need a quiet area to study.

Do you present Fine Art Exhibitions?

As part of the First Friday Art Walk, we offer several shows throughout the year. In addition to this, we offer a few outstanding juried exhibitions from regional artists using a variety of mediums located in our galleries throughout the library. To be considered for one of these shows, please see our Exhibition Procedures.

Aside from First Friday and special Exhibitions, what Gallery exhibits are permanently available to view?

There are three permanent exhibitions currently displayed. The first is Andrew Wyeth print collection, located in the Howard & Espa Michaud Reading Room on the Main floor. The second, is the Deborah Thompson Tolfson painting by Lucy Hayward Barker painted 1935, located near the Circulation Desk and three original works, "Potato Planting", "Potato Harvest", and "Potato House" by Richard V. Ellery, commissioned in 1946 by the Northern National Bank and later donated to the City of Presque Isle, are displayed on the Main floor.

May I schedule a guide to help me understand exhibits being offered at your cultural centre?

The library is fortunate to have the assistance of an Artist-in-residence available to provide guided tours for the current and permanent exhibitions. Please contact the library to request this service.

Can you apply to exhibit your own work in the Fine Art Galleries at the library?

You are encouraged to apply by submitting the Exhibition Proposal Form.

May I bring Food and Drink into the Library?

Our cafe, located on the Main floor, is designated for food and drink.

Is there a Genealogy Centre in your Library?

The reference section on the Mezzanine Floor houses our Genealogy materials. In addition to materials, we have trained staff and volunteers ready to assist you. For help with your genealogy search, call ahead and set up an appointment to insure we can give you our full attention.

Is your Library Handicapped accessible?

ADA requirements and ease of access goals were a significant focus during our renovations. The new library building is fully handicapped accessible: there are parking spaces designated for handicap parking and an elevator provides wheelchair access to the building. All public spaces of the library, including restrooms, are accessible to wheelchairs as well.

Do you have subscriptions to magazines and newspapers?


Is there a fee to take out books?

If you are a resident of Presque Isle or pay taxes to the City of Presque Isle, you may have a library card at no charge. Also, if you are a student at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, the Northern Maine Community College, SAD#1, SAD#1 Employees Or City Of Presque Isle Employees, you may have a free library card. Residents of surrounding communities who wish to purchase a membership may do so at the following rates: Family, $55.00 per year; Individual, $46.00 per year. Should the fees cause hardships, there are options available for payments over time. Please see the Librarian to apply.

Is there a transgender bathroom?

Gender neutral bathrooms are located on the Main floor.

Have you a baby changing station?

The library is fully prepared for our youngest patrons and the family restroom with a baby changing station is located in the Children's library.

Children have to be accompanied by a adult until what age?

Our public library is a very busy place and your child's safety is extremely important to us. As such, please accompany your child under the age of 10 or provide suitable supervision during their time at the library.

Does your library accept donations?

The Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library Charitable Trust is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation which is operated by an Advisory Library Board of Trustees appointed by the Presque Isle City Council. Although we are a department of the City of Presque Isle, the Trust operates independently from municipal governance. The Charitable Trust exists solely to enhance and expand services provided by the library and accepts donations to that end. Our Memorial Donation program, offers the opportunity to donate funds to purchase a book in someone's honor or memory.

Can I work at the library?

Applications for employment are handled solely by the Human Resources Department on the 3rd floor of City Hall, however, we have a thriving on-going volunteer program. Individuals may apply at the library to be part of this dynamic group of skilled volunteers.

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Jaina Mexican Figurines

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Hand Carved African Masks

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